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B is for Bullnose

A bullnose flooring step

Whilst most staircases have straight edges from top to bottom, some have a rounded edge on the last step or two. This rounded edge is called the Bullnose and can be on the left, the right, or sometimes both.

When carpeting stairs, there are many different options when it comes to the Bullnose. Here are our top picks:

  1. The Cap & Band method is the most requested, and is shown in the photo. This is where the step is treated as two pieces, the tread has a ‘cap’ fitted and is pinned or stapled under the nosing to form a tight, neat finish.
  2. The Bullnose could be ignored, so the carpet is brought straight down leaving some part of the step exposed. The carpet would need to be whipped or bound to eliminate fraying.
  3. Popular trends at the moment are to leave the Bullnose without carpet and refurbish/treat/paint the wood for a lovely finish, or carpeting the tread only whilst using vinyl on the risers (usually applied to the whole staircase).

If you are having hard flooring on the stairs, then each step has a nosing piece and the Bullnose will have a similar but special nosing piece to fit.

We will always discuss any Bullnoses with you to establish your preferred design choice, call us now to book your free consultation.


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