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K is for Knee Kicker

A 3 year old Simon Grimley using a knee kicker

A knee kicker is the tool used by a carpet fitter for stretching a carpet.  Sometimes known as a stretcher, this tool applies tension to a carpet allowing it to be hooked tightly onto grippers for a neat installation.

A 3 year old Simon Grimley using a knee kicker
Our very own Simon Grimley (Aged 3) being taught how to use a knee kicker.

When used correctly a skilled carpet fitter can use a knee kicker to apply even tension across the carpet for the entire room. This is important as uneven tension will cause ridges, bubbles and even premature wear and tear.

Carpet is stretched using the knee kicker when it is first installed, and there are occasions when a carpet might benefit from a restretch some years after installation.

At Grimley Flooring our years of training and experience ensure your carpet is always fitted correctly and neatly. If you think your carpet would benefit from a restretch call us today for a free consultation. 

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