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R is for Runners

Small set of steps with a runner
What is a runner?

A carpet runner is a piece of carpet that runs the length of an area leaving a surround of exposed flooring (usually floorboards) as opposed to being fitted to the sides.  Similar to a rug, runners are normally used on stairs or in corridors rather than in rooms.

How are runners made?

Runners can be purchased as a pre-made product, or some carpet manufacturers will create a runner to order particularly for stairs. Alternatively runners can be custom-made out of any carpet. This option allows for total flexibility of choice, not only the perfect material, but also in the edging detail and colour used.

To prevent fraying, the edges of a runner need to be bound in some way. The traditional method is whipping, where yarn is stitched around the edge of the carpet. Modern methods use a cord (similar to a rope) which is fixed to the edge using a special technique or a tape which comes in a huge variety of materials from cotton to leather.

How would a stair runner work?

The planning and fitting of a stair runner can be a complicated process depending on the stairs involved.  Thought needs to be given to how it will meet with the existing flooring at the top and bottom of the stairs, the exact width of the runner and how it will run through any turns or corners.

Stair rods are a common feature of a runner, although it should be noted that they are purely cosmetic and so can be added at a later date.

Small set of steps with a runner

At Grimley Flooring we can help plan and install the perfect runner. Our expert advice will guide you to choosing a balanced and natural look, whilst our wide range of edging options can find the perfect finish. 

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