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T is for Tufted Carpet

What is a Tufted carpet?

Most carpets today are classed as tufted.  This is a manufacturing method where short pieces of yarn (tufts) are punched through the primary backing using a needle.
This is a completely different method of manufacture to a woven carpet which we will cover in a future article. 

Why choose a Tufted carpet?

A tufted carpet can be made in a fraction of the time taken to make a woven carpet – roughly 1 hour per roll instead of 8 hours! This helps to keep the cost down when compared to woven carpets.​Tufted carpets are hard wearing and durable, although not quite as much as a woven carpet. These carpets are classed as ‘heavy domestic’, and can also be rated for commercial use, making them a popular choice.

At Grimley Flooring we have a range of tufted carpets in different styles to suit your flooring preferences.


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