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W is for Woven Carpets

What is a woven carpet?

A woven carpet is any carpet, either made by hand or machine, that is constructed on a loom weaving the yarn in with the backing to create a strong, durable and beautiful carpet.

Why choose a woven carpet?

Woven carpets are made to the highest standard and offer a quality and luxury second to none.  They are generally made using pure wool, or with a small blend of man-made materials, to increase their durability.

Longer lasting than tufted carpets, woven carpets are perfectly suited to high traffic areas such as hallways, stairs and living rooms.

The different types of woven carpet

There are 3 methods for producing a woven carpet and each method produces a different style of carpet.  The exact method you might purchase would depend more on the look, colours and design you require rather than the method used in manufacturing the carpet.

  • Axminster:

Using Jacquard looms that select individual yarn colours, these carpets can be plain but are also well suited to intricate designs.  The loom itself works on a square design meaning patterns are always regular both across the width and down the length of a carpet, something other methods can struggle with.

  • Chenille:

Chenille weaves are produced using a specific yarn also called Chenille.  This furry yarn was used to manufacture all kinds of textiles and whilst not commonly found in carpets today it is still very popular for rugs.  One great benefit is due to the way the yarn is produced Chenille can often appear iridescent whilst being made commonly from cotton.

  • Wilton:

Carpets made on a Wilton loom involve fewer colours than those produced on an Axminster loom. They are continuously run rather than being individually selected, meaning they cannot produce such complex designs, although they are better suited to producing textures (such as loop pile or cut and loop designs).

In all cases a woven carpet is a beautiful product, stunning in look and feel and hard wearing enough to withstand modern life.  Both Axminster and Wilton carpets can be produced in a variety of qualities.

At Grimley Flooring we can help guide you to the right carpet, ensuring the perfect look and finish to your home.


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