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Z is for Zig-Zag Bar

What is a Zig-Zag Bar?

A Zig-Zag Bar, or Z-Bar for short, is a carpet to hard flooring bar used where there is a height difference between the surface layer of the product and the subfloor.

What range of height difference can they cover?

Generally speaking the standard Z-bars (usually aluminium or synthetic brass) work best at 12mm or slightly less.  More premium bars allow for a greater range of heights from around 4mm to 13mm.

What if my floor has a smaller height difference?

There are different types of bars available and if the height difference is less than 4mm then either a flat bar or single bar would be more appropriate.

What if my floor has a larger height difference?

Some specialist bars are available, however generally speaking at heights larger than 13mm it is unlikely the carpet would be sufficiently deep to provide a smooth, flat transition between the flooring types.  In these instances the correct method would be to build up the Z-Bar using wedges or a shim to enable a smooth transition between heights.

Why is it called a Z-Bar?

The upright in the Z-Bar is shaped like the letter Z, and this allows the installer to gently tap the bar down onto the flooring giving a tight, clean finish.

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