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Before & After, A temporary upgrade

This client contacted us having purchased a new home and was looking for new flooring for several areas.  The client was looking to replace a few key areas of their home with temporary flooring as they were looking to carry out some building works in the future.On arrival the client had cleared the work areas as discussed and we swept them again for good measure to ensure no dust or debris would remain under the new flooring.  For the bathroom and kitchen we laid new plywood before installing the vinyl flooring and sealing the edges as they had a young daughter and were worried about water being splashed about.

The hallway had new door bars, grippers and underlay with all the joins taped to prevent dust migration.  The carpet was installed and all areas were vacuumed ready for the presentation to the client.

For all our installations we tape the underlay joins to prevent dust migration. We also vacuum the newly fitted carpet(s) upon completion. The preparation and installation work followed all relevant manufacturers guidelines and British Standards.

For the first time ever we had a client cry with happiness, we did have a moment of panic!! Unsurprisingly we received another 5 star review.

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