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Informative articles from Grimley Flooring.

A white plank effect vinyl showing heavy signs of discolouration caused by polymer degradation

P is for Polymer Degradation

What is Polymer Degradation? Many man-made flooring products such as carpet, vinyl, LVT and laminates contain polymers. When those polymers start to degrade (break down) it can result in a number of changes to the flooring. The most common of these changes is the discolouration of your flooring, but it can also cause the floor to change… Read More »P is for Polymer Degradation

O is for Ounces

O is for Ounces 28/9/2020 0 Comments Carpet pile is measured in ounces per square yard. As we moved to metric some carpet manufacturers started to use the modern equivalent of grams per square meter, but quickly discovered that 40oz is a lot easier to remember than 1360g! ​The more ounces of pile the denser the carpet… Read More »O is for Ounces

L is for LVT

What is LVT? LVT, or Luxury Vinyl Tile, is a premium quality product available as either a plank or a tile and a variety of design/colour options. What is it made of? LVT is made up of, typically 4, layers of different materials; Base – This will be either stuck to the floor (known as… Read More »L is for LVT

A 3 year old Simon Grimley using a knee kicker

K is for Knee Kicker

A knee kicker is the tool used by a carpet fitter for stretching a carpet.  Sometimes known as a stretcher, this tool applies tension to a carpet allowing it to be hooked tightly onto grippers for a neat installation. When used correctly a skilled carpet fitter can use a knee kicker to apply even tension… Read More »K is for Knee Kicker

An image of a seam in progress

J is for Joins

The choice of product will determine if and how many joins there might be in your new flooring. Where the product comes in a single length (carpet or vinyl) joins are less common, but are still needed if the area is larger than the width of the product, or if thresholds are not desired. Some… Read More »J is for Joins

I is for Inset Mat

An Inset Mat is a door mat which is recessed into your flooring so it is level.  Often seen with a trim, this mat helps to protect your surrounding flooring by trapping dirt and moisture from your shoes (or four-legged friends).Typically used by the main door, the most commonly seen is the coir mat in… Read More »I is for Inset Mat

Stacked sheets of hardboard

H is for Hardboarding

This week in our A-Z series we reach H and look at Hardboarding.

What is hardboard, can it still be used and if not what are the alternatives?

Piece of gripper

G is for Gripper

What are carpet grippers, how do they work and should you really replace them with every new carpet you have laid?

Cross profile of a felt backed carpet

F is for Felt Back

When it comes to carpet, we all pay attention to the ‘fluffy’ side, but what about the material on the back? It may be a surprise to learn that there are in fact different types of backing, including felt back, foam back, jute and polypropylene, but all are there to hold the tufts of yarn… Read More »F is for Felt Back