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X is for (e)Xtras

Simon’s note: “I apologise for the terrible spelling, but having been through X in the dictionary our options were to either skip this week or mutilate a word!” For this week we will be looking at the (e)xtras offered by Grimley Flooring that make us stand out from other flooring companies, and why we should… Read More »X is for (e)Xtras

A small black and white pattern in a vinyl floor

V is for Vinyl

What is Vinyl? Vinyl (Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC) is a versatile plastic.  In flooring terms Vinyl is a hard-wearing floor covering that can come in sheet or tile form. What are the key differences? LVT is a higher quality product in tile form, our previous article explored this in more detail. Sheet Vinyl is the… Read More »V is for Vinyl

A white plank effect vinyl showing heavy signs of discolouration caused by polymer degradation

P is for Polymer Degradation

What is Polymer Degradation? Many man-made flooring products such as carpet, vinyl, LVT and laminates contain polymers. When those polymers start to degrade (break down) it can result in a number of changes to the flooring. The most common of these changes is the discolouration of your flooring, but it can also cause the floor to change… Read More »P is for Polymer Degradation

An image of a seam in progress

J is for Joins

The choice of product will determine if and how many joins there might be in your new flooring. Where the product comes in a single length (carpet or vinyl) joins are less common, but are still needed if the area is larger than the width of the product, or if thresholds are not desired. Some… Read More »J is for Joins